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Twitter doodles… ‘twiddles’.

I just realized… It’s nearing the end of October, and aside from that completely out-of-the-blue blizzard that we had in September, it hasn’t snowed yet? That’s actually pretty unusual for the area where I live?! Last year we had full on snow by the beginning of October, and it lasted until nearly May, and the year before that was just as bad. Like… I don’t wanna jinx anything here, but this looks like it might be a more mild (or at least more gradual) winter?!

I realized last night that Soos probably adopted the name "Soos" because his family would say "Jesus!" And as a child he thought they were saying "Hey Soos!"


This is so precious because even Naruto gets it that Sasuke’s worried about him. You can’t fool anyone, Sasuke, you can’t fool anyone.


more sketchbook stuff

My school server is fucking up and didn’t record my quiz mark and some other stuff from last week. Mad.


Deserves a reblog every. Single. Time.


homestuck’s only been back for two days and im already making speculative upd8 art. god help my soul

(i really hope john loses a tooth he would look cute ok shut up)


Edgar Wright - How to Do Visual Comedy
Because he’s just better than everyone else.

(Note: This got way bigger than I ever expected it to get.)


holds u closely

my leetle keela